“Call of Juarez” and Wild West Nostalgia

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The residents of Dodge City — the town on which the “get the hell out of Dodge” idiom is based — faced a 1 in 61 chance (1.65 percent) of being murdered between 1876 and 1885. The annual homicide rate was 165 per 100,000 adults, which would make it the most dangerous city in the world today by a fair margin.

If it was such a bloody time, why does film and media glorify the Wild West and canonize its outlaws? Can it be attributed to our society’s wholesale obsession with violence, or is there something else at play? …

Then Why Does It Get So Much Hate?

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After the mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas in 2019, video games were trotted out yet again as the culprit. The age-old argument is as follows: video games glorify violence, which, in turn, “teaches young people to kill,” in spite of there being no evidence linking the two.

Video games have been blamed for everything from the return of rickets (yeah, rickets), thanks to a tenuous connection to Vitamin D deficiency, to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s, which has been repeatedly debunked.

The bulk of the criticism, however, is related to so-called gaming disorders.

What is a gaming disorder?

This is how…

A 6-Step Guide to Earning 7,000 Caps in 5 Minutes

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No, I’m not talking about maxing out your Luck and hitting up the casinos in New Vegas. That’s downright wholesome in comparison to what I’m suggesting. With this loophole, you’ll be able to earn between 3,500 and 7,000 caps every 5–10 minutes…and it’ll feel GOOD. Or maybe I’m a sadistic maniac, I don’t know.

PREP: Clear Out the Gun Runners

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There’s a difference between challenging and hard. A math test is challenging. A math test while someone slaps you in the face is hard. The latter is more difficult than the former, but it doesn’t teach you anything new about math.

Hard Games

Hard games will turn enemies into bullet sponges, they’ll create bottlenecks to force you to play a certain way, or they’ll deliberately make puzzles inaccessible. Those aren’t challenges. They’re artificial obstacles that developers injected into the game to slow your progress. It’s a cheat, a shortcut, and it makes the player feel shortchanged.

I’m not talking about games that…

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If Covid-19 taught us anything, it’s that we are incapable of staying away from one another. It turned out to be our fatal flaw. Our dependency on one another was a big part of it, but the myth of independence played just as big a role.

Our Chief Vulnerability

What makes Covid-19 so dangerous is not its case mortality rate, which ranges from about one percent to nine percent depending on which country you’re in. The real problem is the transmission rate. Essentially, a larger number of infections translates to more deaths.

The case of Ebola

In spite of a case mortality rate that ranges from 20…

What I Learned From My First Month in the Partner Program

I started writing for Medium back in 2016, but I didn’t join the Partner Program until the end of February. Here’s what I learned in my first full month in the program.

I’m not getting rich any time soon.

Here are my stats for March, 2021:

March Medium analytics for Pablo Andreu — Medium

Based on those numbers, Medium will pay out $3.15. This puts my rate at about a penny a read.

I know, I know, that’s not how they determine payouts, which are based on membership reading time. Essentially, you get a percentage of a members’ reading time that month.

How Medium calculates payouts

If a member spends 20 minutes reading Medium content during the last 30…

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Jack the Ripper is probably the most infamous serial killer in history. He is often portrayed as a criminal mastermind and a skilled surgeon, evading the authorities with preternatural ability. The reality is less sensational, so how did we end up with a cartoon villain? A culture obsessed with celebrity and violence laid the groundwork.

Who Would Win in a Fight?

Celebrity Deathmatch was a popular MTV stop-motion claymation series that pitted famous people against each other in bloody grudge matches. Who-would-in-a-fight scenarios litter the internet and publishing. There’s a 23-book series on Amazon titled Who Would Win?” that speculates about the outcomes of wild…

The Power of Monotasking

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I barely did cardio in my 20s. I was more of an I-lift-things-up-and-put-them-down kind of guy. I didn’t understand people who ran marathons. It seemed like a total waste of time. Did they enjoy torturing themselves? What was the point? Then, a few years ago, I started running. It finally clicked. Running doesn’t just train your body. It trains your mind.

Weaning Yourself Off Distraction

Deep Work is a nonfiction book about achieving deep concentration in order to boost productivity. According to the author, Cal Newport, the distraction economy has played a big role in eroding our attention spans:

“Efforts to deepen your focus…

How To Beat Them (A Guide for Noobs)

In-game screenshot via Steam

Deux Ex: Human Revolution is a great game. It’s got action. It’s got story. It’s got style. There’s just one problem: The bosses are awful.

No, I don’t mean in that pull-your-hair-out, develop-a-chemical-dependence-to-cope-with-your-shortcomings-as-a-human-being Dark Souls kind of way. I mean, the bosses in Human Revolution actively make the game worse. This is well-documented (apparently, the bosses were outsourced), but if you’re a noob like me, you got ambushed mid-game.

Here’s how to beat the bosses with (relative) ease so that you can enjoy the rest of this awesome game without getting stuck. …

A Neon Pixelated Cyberpunk Ride

In-game screenshot via Steam

Maybe I’m biased since Cloudpunk holds a special place in my heart. It came at a pivotal time in my life. It was the first game I played during the pandemic, not to mention the first game I’d played in five years. I’d just lost my day job. I was quarantining. It was a strange time (still is). I was anxious (still am). I was looking for something…comforting. And Cloudpunk was it.

What is Cloudpunk?

Cloudpunk is a dubious delivery company that transports suspicious packages. Playing as Rania, a plucky courier who just moved to Nivalis, you fly around in your HOVA (Cloudpunk…

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