POLL: Do You Help Your Parents Financially?

If your parents are immigrants, I want to hear from you.

Pablo Andreu
Aug 21, 2022
Source: Licensed via Adobe Stock Photo

Many children of immigrants don’t inherit wealth. Our parents often don’t have real estate to bequeath. There’s no trust fund to disburse. Immigrants are too busy providing for their family and adjusting to a new culture to build an asset portfolio. In fact, children of immigrants often end up helping our parents financially.

This creates challenges for those trying to build generational wealth. I spoke with Giovanna, the “First Gen Mentor,” about this very topic during our conversation a few weeks ago.

How Do You Help Your Parents?

If you have 30 seconds, please answer the three poll questions below. Your answers will be anonymous. If I get enough responses, I’ll turn the results into an article:

POLL: Do You Help Your Parents Financially? (substack.com)